Climbing, scrambling, jumping and messing around with water!

Knoest is a play paradise for children.
Immediately adjacent to our terrace is a challenging playground, with water and sand as important elements.
A guarantee for hours of fun! Lots of climbing and scrambling, with the watchtower and the air trampoline as pinnacles.

From inside the restaurant you have an excellent view of the other playground, behind Knoest.
This playground is secured with a fence. Walk in the water wheel, or try flooding the waterway by pumping hard.
You can take a break to have some lemonade and pizza, and then continue playing with all your friends! 

What people say about us!

'Nice restaurant with a large terrace and several adjacent playgrounds for children. From the restaurant and from the terrace you have a view of the playgrounds. Highly recommended!'


'My friends and I celebrated our 40th together at Knoest. Everything was arranged perfectly, very hospitable and well organised. Lovely place and space for the children to play!'